Apple Device Enrollment Program

The Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP) is designed to facilitate swift, efficient yet simplified installation and implementation of your Mac or iOS devices in your educational institution or business.

When you incorporate your Mobile Device Management software (MDM), Volume Purchasing (VPP), and procurement of hardware through Superior Digital, you own the “Zero-Touch” device configuration, automatic app implementation, and a streamlined infrastructure experience without any hassles.

Device Enrolment Program (DEP) is one of the core parts of the Apple Deployment Programs (ADP) that help educational institutions and businesses to effortlessly install and design iOS & MacOS devices.

DEP offers a swift, efficient way to install organization-owned iPad and iPhone devices, Mac computers, and Apple TV procured straight from Apple or Apple Authorized Resellers and carters.

The main role of DEP is the application of MDM settings to your devices automatically during installation when the devices are first turned on and streamlining the management for IT as well as the end-users. Whenever you purchase a new device for your institution or business, you can enroll your devices into the DEP which will help the devices to automatically obtain the precise MDM profile and permissions installed when you first switched on the device. This enables your devices to be ready for you to implement and dispense right away efficiently.

In order to utilize DEP with the MDM solution, you are required to register your MDM server with Apple so that the Apple servers will remember the configurations you wish to implement and deploy to your diverse types of users. Your defined setup will be applied by Apple automatically through DEP when you first turn on the device and need not reapply the same settings and restrictions every time when you purchase a new device or reload the operating system on the current one. Whenever a device is being restored remotely, the system will always return to the settings created by the MDM thus locking the device permanently to those settings created by MDM. For current management as well you can lock users’ devices in MDM.

Streamlining of the primary framework is done by DEP through the programming of the mobile device management (MDM) enrolment and management of devices during layout thus enabling you to configure the devices without even touching it. You can instantly organize your account settings, the apps, and direct access to IT services over the air. For staging services and to physically access each device to complete the setup by you is not required. Thus to ease the process further, certain Setup Assistant screens can be skipped so that users can start using their devices straight away.

Without an MDM solution, simplified device deployment by DEP cannot be done. Simplification of device implementation is done by DEP and requires MDM for it to function. So if you do not have an MDM solution presently then Superior Digital can provide you with an MDM solution based on your requirements and answer your needs.

Managed distribution model- This model allocates apps to Apple IDs instead of the devices so that the apps can appear on the devices without the requirement of a password or going through the process of signing the agreements for the device installation. This model is now permitted by the Volume Purchase Programme. It allows the apps to install quietly and ready for use without any interference. Understanding who the users are and what their Apple IDs are required for your MDM solution. You can allocate apps to certain groups of users thus giving only particular Apple IDs to get access to certain apps using your MDM interface.

The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is a program that makes it easier to find, purchase, and circulate apps and books in volume for your organization. If your staff utilizes iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can deliver great content that is ready for use with adaptable and protected choices for distribution. Through the VPP store, you can procure tailored B2B apps for iOS that are built exclusively for you by third-party creators and can be procured personally.

Top-notch apps and absorbing interactive books can be purchased in volume, and enrich your whole staff with creativity and innovation. You can purchase apps for both Mac and iOS along with books from the iBooks Store through the VPP store. You can also procure through the VPP store, customized exclusively built for you B2B apps developed by our third-party creators and procured personally, thus your business acquires precisely what is required.

Through Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, you can allocate apps and books to certain users or groups thus giving you the whole rights and power over your content. When the apps are not required anymore, they can be either reassigned to a different user or you can opt to dispense the content through redeemable codes and also completely transfer the app or book straight to your users permanently.

Superior Digital has the facility for you to use a purchase order to procure VPP Credit, which is redeemable on the VPP store. This VPP Credit can be obtained for a definite amount and is automatically transferred to the account administrators electronically.