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A personal assistant and music streaming device that can be controlled by voice or touch. The product is designed to be used in a home, with sound quality that is designed to feel like it is coming from the device itself.

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Part NumberDescription SAP Part Description MRP
MJ2C3HN/AHomePod mini – BlueHOMEPOD MINI, BLUE-HIN9900
MJ2D3HN/AHomePod mini – OrangeHOMEPOD MINI, ORANGE-HIN9900
MJ2E3HN/AHomePod mini – YellowHOMEPOD MINI, YELLOW-HIN9900
MY5G2HN/AHomePod mini – Space GreyHOMEPOD MINI, SPACE GRAY-HIN9900
MY5H2HN/AHomePod mini – WhiteHOMEPOD MINI, WHITE-HIN9900


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