Authentication & IT Services

Authentication Service validates a user's credentials and assists in deploying Apple technology via Active Directory or LDAP. It also provides support for managing iOS devices and apps, manages certificates and OAuth2 authentication for applications like iMessage, FaceTime and Safari

IT Professional Services

We combine years of expertise and industry experience to bring you the resources and tools your staff need to create a highly efficient and effective technology initiative.

System Integrators

Automation is the reason you hired us, and we take our responsibility seriously. It is our goal to ensure that your AV technology is performing at optimum levels and meeting your consumer demands at all times.

Network and security

The marketplace of IT security is crowded, and with each alleged breach, the industry needs to review its approach to establishing protocols. To help address these issues, we offer a top-of-the-line solution that includes integration with the leading security frameworks.

Data Center Services

We are well versed with the intricacies of cloud technology and its vast applications. With our deep-tech expertise and deft hand in strategic planning, we aim to help you realize your potential through a managed service model.

Consultation & System Integration

With our experience, expertise and technical understanding of the specific challenges you face, we help you find the right solution to enhance and improve your organizational performance.

Warranty & Insurance Services

Our Apple support team offers repair and diagnostic services for all Apple devices. With Superior Digital, we can ensure your business stays connected at all times.


Superior Digital is an Apple Authorized Reseller, and our team can help you setup, upgrade, protect, restore or simply provide technical support for all your Apple product needs. Bring to our store and stop by with your device — we'll be happy to sit down and walk you through personalizing your Apple device, be it your Mac or iPad.